Photo Scanning

Digitizing your analog moments

Digitize your analog moments before they are gone forever. Just send in your photos or film to us. We will scan it and upload to the cloud. Access to your photos will be provide at the end of the transaction. Our pricing is ensure to fit your budget.

From RM0.10 / frame

How this works

Steps so easy, your photos are digitized in no time.

Send it to us
Send your materials to us at Malek Erwin Suite 17.02 Kenanga International Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We will scan your material and transfer to the cloud.
Complete Payment and Gain Access
You will have links to the scanned material once payment is made. We will mail you back your materials. Links and image files will be deleted one month after transaction is complete

Drop a line


# of frames Price per frame Standard Postage Express Postage
0-399 RM0.10 RM4.00 RM20.00
400-799 RM0.08 RM6.00 RM25.00
800+ RM0.07 RM8.00 RM30.00


What kind of films that you can scan?
We can scan 35mm film and 120 medium format film
What is the resolution of your scan?
For photos / text, we can scan max resolution of 4800x4800 dpi while films is at 9600x9600 dpi. Your max color bit depth is at 48-bits
Do you do OCR for books / text document?
Yes we do.
How do I contact you?
You can film up the inquiry form or email me directly at
Is there a sample pictures that I can take a look at?
Sure, you can see same sample here.
Supported Materials
We can scan the following items: Films from 35mm upto medium format Photos up to A4 size Printed Material (books, magazine, etc)

Sample Pictures

These pictures are scans from 120 format films and has been reduced for ease of viewing. For full size photos, you can download the pictures from the links below. Be warned, that some of the pictures are upto 30MB and can be as large as 300 megapixels.